Following are the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find your query, just connect with us using contact support.  

Tutor FAQ

Are there any charges to register as a tutor?
No, you can register as a free member, but that comprises limited access to the database. This also restricts your contact details published for students to see and although you will be able to view students' requests for tuition but you will not be able to respond to such requests. For full access, you need to sign up as a premium member.  
Do I need to disclose my qualifications to the students?
At the time of registration we verify all of your credentials; but some students may still ask to see your credentials.  
How to make contact with students?
Once you have upgraded to a premium membership, we will publish your details in our directory and students will be able to contact you directly. This can be done by SMS or email alert. You still have access to requests for tuition as a free member, but must upgrade to respond.  
Where do I teach from?
It depends upon the type of membership you have registered for. If you opt as an online tutor, you can take classes from your home and set up own online classrooms. And if you opt to be a home tutor, you will need to set up a location – this depends on what you agree with your student, depending on the agreement you make.  
Can I create my own tuition groups?
Yes, of course you can set up a group, but this could only be possible if you register as an online tutor as most of our enquiries come through individual students. Although we also provide you with the tools you need to set up local tuition groups in your area.  

Student FAQ

How to communicate and send messages to a tutor?
Tutors are accessible to all the registered members. Being a free member, you will see limited number of contact details. Contact details for the either user will not be there, you are able to send a message through our system - tutors will be able to read your message and respond to your enquiry. If required and you want to access tutor contact details and to share your own contact details to tutors, you will need to sign-up as a premium member. Click here to register or upgrade.  
How to know whether a tutor is qualified?
All our tutors are pre-qualified and approved by our team before accepting their registration – the process includes proper verification of their certificates and we can assure you of their authenticity. Still, for your satisfaction we always recommend to ask for any credentials of your tutors.  
In case, I've found a tutor and we've agreed a fee. Do I need to pay anything extra to Manisha Tutorials?
No, we only charge for monthly student subscription fee – else nothing extra will be charged. Anything agreed between you and your tutor remains between both of you.  
What extra your Premium Membership offers?
Our premium membership offers a better access to our tutors' and tuition centers' contact details. We always suggest registering for free and then search desired tutors and centers with our vast database – if it doesn't satisfy you, then there's no need to upgrade. However, after getting a perfect tutor you are welcome to upgrade and to avail them any time.  
What will be the location of the tuition or will it be online?
It depends whether you decide to search for a tutor who offers online tuition, otherwise it will take place at a location agreed between you and your tutor. So it is important for you to agree upon where tuition will take place before you enter a decision to begin tuition.  
How much to pay for a tuition?
Although we ensure the quality of all the listed tutors and tuition centers, we cannot assist them on negotiating fees. The amount will depend completely on your own negotiation skills.